Rokeby Farms, located in Alvinston, Ontario, is proudly operated by the Ryan family: Lawrence and Wendy and their children Wayne, Shaine, Patrick, Brendon, Jessica and Cayla. Increasingly aware that consumers want to know what goes into their food, the Ryans are privileged and excited to offer healthy, hormone-free, natural farm-raised meat to their customers.

Rokeby Farms provides options that will meet your unique needs. With our meat selection, variety of packaging options, and customized feed program, you can be confident that the meat you receive is of the highest quality. Rokeby Farms ensures that each animal is raised and processed with a high level of care and professionalism to deliver quality you can rely on.

While we use local, government-inspected facilities for processing, you can request your animals be delivered to a facility of your choice.

The Ryans are creating an interactive farm, where you are not only involved in the raising of your animals, but can also attend scheduled events on the farm, allowing you to see and enjoy the benefits of farm life.

The home farm consists of 300 acres of rolling, picturesque landscape, with the Sydenham River winding through the farm and over 75 acres of Carolinian Forest.

About our Meat

We offer a wide selection of meat options, including rabbit, veal, pork, chicken, beef, and lamb. Our meat is aged to perfection, packaged according to your instructions, and given optimal care to ensure that it stays fresh.

Here at Rokeby Farms, we take our customizable options a step further to allow you greater participation in raising your meat. We are proud to offer a Custom Feed Program. All of our animals are raised with hormone-free feeding methods, however, you can request your animals to be fed according to your personal preferences. You can learn more about this terrific program here.

We are very proud to offer a variety of packaging options! You can choose from pre-packed boxes, or you can customize your own box. To find out more, visit our Products page.